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Here you can find out more about the companies of Simon Zutshi. This is including his 12 month Property Mastermind programme.

“Simon Zutshi is an experienced, successful investor. But more importantly, he is a great mentor and teacher.”
Dolf deRoos, Author of International Best Seller: Real Estate Riches
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The UK’s Biggest Property Training & Networking Organisation

Since 2003, Simon Zutshi’s property investors network has provided a positive, inspirational and supportive environment. Learn how to become a more successful property investor. We now have 50 monthly meetings across the UK. We don’t sell property, we just teach people like you how to be more successful investors. How to invest with knowledge, and invest with skill. Minimise the risks and maximise your return.

Simon’s pin community is renowned for its generous and open approach to sharing knowledge and experience, for the collective good.

We facilitate a friendly and inviting environment where individuals of all experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to share and benefit alike. Overall a major organisation when it comes to the companies of Simon Zutshi.

Invest With Knowledge, Invest With Skill.
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Another One of the Companies of Simon Zutshi – Designed From The Ground Up To Change Your Life In 12 Months

Wherever you are on your property journey, Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind takes pride in providing high level property education. This is with an end result of growth and wealth in mind. Recognised as one of the top creation strategists in the UK, Simon Zutshi shares his expert knowledge through various property programmes.

Each course is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and strategies. Dependent upon the route you choose. Subsequently, Property Mastermind obtains a track record of graduates who have achieved and maintained incredible results from their property investments.

Transforming Lives Through Innovative Property Education Since 2007
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The “Brain Transplant” Pack

Monthly Teleseminar 

10 Advanced Workshops

The Mastermind Forum

pin Meetings

Mastermind Accelerator

1 to 1 Personal Coaching

2 day Mentoring Reviews

The "Brain Transplant" Pack

Monthly Teleseminar 

10 Advanced Workshops

The Mastermind Forum

2 day Mentoring Reviews

Mastermind Accelerator

1 to 1 Personal Coaching

pin Meetings

The Essential Elements of the Mastermind Programme

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CrowdProperty – Together We Build A Better Future.

Co-Founded by Simon Zutshi in 2014, CrowdProperty has swiftly become one of the UK’s leading property specialist peer-to-peer lenders. It facilitates millions of pounds worth of short term loans to SME property professionals.

CrowdProperty is FCA authorised and regulated since the 1st November 2017 having proven that our robust process, stable platform and our rigorous due diligence. We confirm our commitment to transparency and client focus. In September 2018 we became a member of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association, elected by the biggest and most reputable platforms in the sector for our exemplary operating process. We continue to invest across all levels and functions of the business.

Harness The Power Of Technology And Be Part Of A More Rewarding Financial Era.
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“There is an excellent due diligence process that gives me more confidence when assessing the risk of investing or not.”



“It’s up to 8% p.a return backed up by 1st legal charge on the development or property. For me that’s a win-win.”



“For me, it’s the expertise and reputation of the company along with proper due diligence, first charge security and good interest rates.”

Welcome To The New, Tech And Expertise Enabled Era Of Property Finance, Brought To You By Property People.

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