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Introducing Simon Zutshi’s Blog

Hello and welcome to my brand new website and blog space. My name is Simon Zutshi and I have been a property investor since 1995. You may have come across me before, online or in person. You might have ran into me at a property show or at one of my very own property education programmes. After investing for such a long time, public speaking and being an author, you may have wondered does this property entrepreneur not have a site? There are tons of websites that mention 'Simon Zutshi' but there is no official online presence that is all him. There is also no content that is directly from his own website.

This is why, alongside my website I am also giving everyone another blog section of mine. This is especially for those of you who wanted a further insight into my life, from me personally. You now have somewhere to visit.

It is just another added bonus that you also really understand what I do and why I love teaching others how they too can become financially free

I slowly built my property portfolio learning the hard way, by trial and terror, making lots of mistakes. I want to use my experiences to help teach up and coming property investors find success without the hassle.

As some of you are already aware I frequently post onto the property investors network Blog Section. With this, I hope to give all my friends, students and anyone who has found me through word of mouth or on the internet - another major platform where I share my current thought and opinions.

I want to also share property knowledge here that I haven’t shared anywhere else. With the information that I provide I hope to encourage the concept that education really is the best investment you can make.  For those of you who have already read my Amazon Best Seller Property Magic will know I have already tried to provide a step – by – step guide to successful property investing. I wanted to demonstrate what is possible so you can take the right action necessary.

I wanted the book to expand your day to day thinking, when it comes to property. With that in mind, it is even more beneficial that I am able to publish fresh content that can also apply to your current property ventures.  I hope you enjoy reading my upcoming blogs and that they provide you additional support and guidance on your property journey.